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About In Medias Res


In Medias Res (IMR) is a private consulting firm founded by MJR Montoya, PhD, and Rudy WL Montoya. It is separated into three parts – Consulting, Design, and Horologica. Our name comes from the philosophy behind an epic poem, translated from the Latin meaning, “in the middle of things.” Dante, Milton, and Da Vinci all agreed that truly great moments must begin in medias res… We agree, and we focus on helping one find the moment that turns convention into innovation and creativity.

MJR Montoya, President and co-founder

Functions: Manages IMR Consulting and IMR Horology; principal global and horological consultant.

Dr. Montoya is a professor of global structures at the University of New Mexico, an interdisciplinary scholar of globalization and the factors that produce a global political economy. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar. A native from Mora, New Mexico, he has returned to UNM because of his interest in New Mexico as a global emerging economy. He has taught a broad array of coursework from global culture and the history of economic thought to international management. His interdisciplinary training has positioned him to think critically about the circumstances that produce globalization and how nation-states interact with new global challenges.

Rudy WL Montoya, Vice-President and co-founder

Functions: Manages IMR Design; principal design consultant.

Rudy WL Montoya received his BA in Media Arts from the College of Fine Arts, University of New Mexico. His area of expertise includes film post-production, stage design, lighting and space, art installation design, ergonomics, make-up and special effects, and event planning and strategies. He also works as a student affairs management professional at the University of New Mexico. While still in middle school, Rudy won a national entrepreneurial award for his cake business, an award that left a lasting impression on his ability to merge art, design, and entrepreneurship. Among his many additional talents include his tailoring and mixed media art.